Laminate flooring is best installed with quality underlayment

Best underlayment for laminate flooring has to protect laminate and offer best stability to tiles. Laminate flooring can get damaged from humidity especially if it is installed on concrete surface. Best underlayment for laminate flooring on concrete is foam, rubber and cork. With vapor barrier we ensure extra protection against humidity. It is placed between concrete and underlayment. If laminate is not protected enough, humidity can cause swelling and mold can start to grow. In both cases, tiles have to be replaced with new ones, there is no other way of repairing it. Foam underlayment for laminate flooring is most commonly used because it is not expensive, it is widely available and is easy to work with. Best underlayment has many other important functions. One of them is levelling small surface imperfections of subfloor. If imperfections are big it is best to repair them first and then lay the padding. Underlayment works good as a temperature barrier because it stops cold air from concrete to reach the laminate floors. That is the reason floors are not cold. Underlayment is a good sound isolator. Walking on laminate flooring can be very laud and annoying to most people. Underlayment dampens the sound very good.


best underlayment for laminate flooring on concrete

With underlayment for laminate flooring tiles are protected from humidity

Installing laminate flooring underlayment is not complicated but it has to be done precise and with care. Rubber or cork padding is not so delicate but foam can easily get damaged so it is really important to be careful with it. Underlayment offers best stability to best laminate flooring and it also allows it to breathe. Best laminate flooring expands and contracts because of differences in room temperature and humidity. First row of tiles should be places few centimeters away from wall. With this small gap, we allow best laminate flooring to breathe. If we don't leave a gap, tiles will start to deform and gaps will occur. If water gets into gaps, tiles will swell and they will have to be replaced with new ones.


laminate flooring with foam underlayment

Laminate flooring with underlayment is a good choice if you need quick installation

Laminate flooring with underlayment is a good choice if you don't have prior experiences with laying underlayment and if you need quick installation. Tiles with padding are simple to install, whole process is very fast because you don’t have to pay attention to padding and you can concentrate on laying tiles in best way to create beautiful pattern. Tiles with pad also save you time you would spend looking for best underlayment.