Buy parquet flooring for life!

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Buy parquet flooring for life” means exactly what it says: if you choose high quality wood parquet flooring, decide for appropriate parquet flooring thickness, parquet flooring dimensions and parquet flooring colors for your home, if you choose parquet flooring design, which appeals to you the most and if you invest a minimal and appropriate care into your flooring – you will never in your life buy another parquet flooring!
Parquet is, namely, extremely durable and offers a life-long excellence. It does, however, scratch fairly easy, if you don’t protect it with furniture pads or rugs and if you drag, e. g., drawers wardrobes, heavy chairs or tables all over the floor without caution. Parquet floor is also susceptible to moisture, but if you protect it, treat it nicely, wipe any spilled liquids immediately, clean it regularly and polish it every few months – you will enjoy the beauty and vividness of your parquet flooring design for the rest of your life. Another plus – high quality real hardwood parquet can be sanded and refurbished several times and when you apply new finish it looks just like the day you bought your parquet flooring!

Parquet flooring designs priceWhere to buy parquet flooring?

So, where to buy parquet flooring? If you opt for durability, quality and timeless beauty, the answer is surprisingly simple: buy parquet flooring somewhere, where they guarantee unsurpassable quality and offer appropriate parquet flooring thickness, several parquet flooring dimensions and numerous parquet flooring colors. All the above mentioned will ensure you not only high quality but also versatile choices when it comes to styling and parquet flooring designs. You can get all that at Floor Experts, for example, and, what's more, we only supply the products from the best parquet flooring manufacturers and offer an extensive collection of different wood species: bamboo, beech, ash, larch, maple, cherry, pine, spruce, oak, iroko, jatoba, walnut and many others.

Can you choose among different parquet flooring designs?

If you buy parquet flooring at Floor Experts, you can most certainly choose any parquet flooring design you like: single or double herringbone, bricks, rhombs, classic American or European Marie Antoinette parquet flooring design, Chevron, Bordeaux, Fontainebleau and other mosaic or custom made parquet flooring design. Our parquet is of an exceptional quality and appropriate for any parquet flooring pattern. You can also choose among numerous beautiful colors and unique shades, so the real challenge will be the decision for just one product.