Laminate flooring cork as an eye-catching choice

Laminate flooring cork offers unusual and eye-catching patters with rich colours, which will become the centre of attention in every home. If you want something different, unique and comfortable, laminate flooring cork is a good choice! To facilitate your decision we offer some benefits and some cork laminate flooring problems, associated with this type of flooring. For options, shades and colours of laminate flooring cork, check our website or consult our floor experts.

Laminate flooring cork priceLaminate flooring cork benefits

Benefits, associated with laminate flooring cork, are numerous, and we can’t list all of them. For that reason, we’ve prepared a selection of the most noticeable advantages that the laminate flooring cork will bring to your home:

  • cork is a natural material, made from the bark of cork oak trees. For the production of laminate flooring cork no trees need to be cut down, we only peel the bark, which is renewed in a couple of years;
  • due to the cork characteristics we can also decide for laminate flooring with cork backing. Cork backed laminate flooring offers better sound insulation and more comfort, since it is a great shock absorbent, for additional protection cork edging for laminate flooring is also a frequent choice;
  • laminate flooring cork is durable and affordable,
  • to prevent sore legs, feet or back, experts recommend laminate flooring cork,
  • there are no surface abrasions with this type of flooring,
  • laminate flooring cork has excellent thermal insulating properties, which means that your home will be cool in summer and keep the warmth in winter,
  • easy maintenance and cleaning: if you invest a minimum time in caring for your floor, you’ll notice no cork laminate flooring problems.

cork laminate flooring problems Some cork laminate flooring problems

Cork laminate flooring problems are mostly connected with humidity. For this reason, laminate flooring cork is not recommended in bathrooms, kitchens and rooms, where the water spillage might present a problem. Cork laminate flooring is sealed, so some water will not damage it immediately, however, long exposure to moist can cause your laminate flooring cork to warp and get ruined. Another cork laminate flooring problem is associated with discolouring if it is exposed to a direct sunlight. So before making a final decision, it’s always best to address all the pros and cons. If you need more help, you can contact our professional and friendly team at Floor Experts.