Our custom wood floors; the collection for all your wishes

Here, at The Floor Experts, we take your wishes for a custom wood floor to another level. This particular collection of custom wood flooring has been formed and crafted for our most demanding clientele, that will and should not settle for anything else than a dream come true custom wood floor. This extraordinary selection of custom wood flooring will be entirely treated only after we have discussed with you your wishes and plans for your custom flooring products. The Floor Experts are always here to help you with any of your doubts and questions and for sure we can always find a solution and give you an advice, from custom wood flooring designs to any other topic considering custom wood floor.


custom wood floor


All of the variations of custom wood flooring in one place

Here at The Floor Experts we have all of the custom wood floor varieties that your mind can think of. Our custom wood flooring designs, made with highest quality standards will allow you to choose from more than 2000 different custom wood flooring types. This opens all the possibilities that before seemed unimaginable and unreachable when it comes to custom flooring products. Basically, Floor Experts ensure highest quality of custom wood floor at all times, no matter the variety or type of custom wood floor. Our floors are exported to 40 different countries around the world, ensuring technologically and ecologically refined product.


custom wood flooring


 Finally your own custom wood flooring: Choose your colour, size and give your home a touch of your own

  Our custom flooring solutions are there for any of your needs with your new flooring. The colours that we use are for two-layer parquets, three-layer parquets and also massive parquets, all matching your wishes. The same goes for further treatments of parquet. That is just one of the reasons why we at The Floor Experts are the right custom floor specialist for your home, office or any type of real estate.


Custom wood flooring and its maintenance

Whether you have questions regarding maintenance of your custom wood floor or if you are wondering about any technical details, our custom flooring specialist consultants will be always happy to help you. Our custom flooring solutions do not stop at your purchase, we are always there to help you with any questions.  Our wooden floor products are easy to install and easy to maintain. To clean sand or other dirt, use a vacuum cleaner, with a soft end or use a soft broom or cloth.