Parquet flooring from our company is a good investment in your home

All our parquet flooring is made of best quality sustainable materials which ensure durable and long lasting floors. Because our company cares for environment, we support ecologic production. Energy for production process of parquet flooring from our sales program is from renewable sources. Our company chooses suppliers very carefully because we have very high quality standards. All parquet flooring is thoroughly inspected before it leaves company production facilities. Our company strives to offer only best quality products to our clients. Besides offering best products our company also has highly qualified advisers which can help you to choose high quality parquet flooring which best suits all your needs and expectations. Our company represents renounced brands of companies which produce parquet flooring for all kind of clients. Our companies parquet flooring is suitable for private and public use.


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Antique parquet flooring has to be maintained and cared for regularly with our products

Parquet flooring which we sell in our company can be used for creating traditional or modern appearances of your home. Different colours, surface textures and surface finishes help to achieve desired look which a client wants. Our company sells over 480 variations of best quality parquet flooring so we are confident you will find what you are looking for. If you would like to create antique look of your home, you can use dark parquet flooring from our company in lacquered or oiled variation. You can also accomplish antique look with medium or light parquet flooring from our company with hand scraped texture surface. For modern look of rooms, our clients usually use light coloured parquet flooring from our company which can be combined with furniture in light or dark colours. If you harmonize light floors and light furniture, you will design serene room which is great for relaxing. Harmonizing light floors and dark furniture will result in beautiful contrast which is very attractive.


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Taking care of antique parquet flooring from our company prolongs its life span

On our companies web site you can find useful information about how to care for parquet flooring. Maintaining antique parquet flooring is assembled from regular cleaning and periodical renovation. Regular cleaning of antique lacquered or antique oiled parquet flooring is done with vacuum cleaner and slightly damp cloth. All dirt particles like small stones or sand can cause scratches on antique parquet flooring because of that we have to vacuum regularly and thoroughly. For cleaning stains and foot prints on your antique flooring, our company recommends use of damp cloth. Cloth has to be just slightly wet, if cloth is to wet, humidity can damage antique parquet flooring from our company. For cleaning and maintaining antique parquet flooring special cleaners have to be used which are recommended by our company. When lacquered antique parquet flooring is installed, it has to be immediately cleaned and maintained with special cleaner with small percentage of lacquer which forms protective layer. This cleaner is recommended for maintenance once a year to renew top lacquered layer of antique parquet flooring. Complete renovation of antique parquet should be done once every decade. This complete renovation includes sanding and lacquering. Oiled antique parquet flooring has to be cleaned after installation with special cleaning agent which protects its surface. This special cleaning and caring agent is recommended by our company for maintenance once a month. Oiled antique parquet flooring needs extra care which is provided with maintenance oil. It can be applied once a year on a surface which is previously cleaned with proper cleaner. Maintenance oil is applied and after it is dry, it is polished.

Our company also sells cleaning products for proper care of antique parquet flooring

If you will be looking after your new antique parquet flooring according to instructions from our company, you will have gorgeous antique floors for a very long time. If antique parquet flooring from our company is cared for properly, it should last up to 100 years. Quality antique parquet flooring from our company adds value to your home. Antique parquet flooring from our company can be installed in many patterns. Most popular patterns are herringbone, chevron, basketwave, brick and hexagon. Patterns are created with tiles of different sizes. For herringbone and chevron, small tiles are usually used. Rectangular antique parquet tiles create sophisticated zig zag pattern which is even more charming if tiles of different colours are used. Chevron pattern looks almost the same as herringbone, the difference is in shape of tiles. Parquet tiles from our company for chevron pattern are rectangular but they have edges cut at an angle. These tiles create arrow like pattern which is suitable for every home. Basketwave pattern is created with rectangular parquet flooring tiles which are placed in vertical and horizontal way to form beautiful squares. Brick pattern looks stunning with antique parquet tiles of all sizes. For bigger rooms, we recommend use of big parquet flooring planks. For smaller rooms small parquet flooring tiles are more adequate choice. Hexagon pattern is very difficult to achieve and it requires a lot of experiences.