Wood parquet flooring – why is it a good choice?

Wood parquet flooring is definitely among the winners when it comes to flooring. Hardwood parquet flooring is namely among the most durable options, and what’s more – it keeps its original beauty throughout the years. If you pay some attention to it, it will always look beautiful, and when you see the signs of wear and tear, you can re-sand your wood parquet flooring and apply new finish to give it a new, fresh look.


Styling options

wood parquet flooringHardwood parquet flooring might be among the easiest items for styling in interior design. Your choice will always be beautiful and trendy. Depending on your preferences, you can choose among many parquet flooring types: would you prefer parquet oak flooring, beech, cherry, oak or pine parquet flooring? Light or dark parquet flooring? Real wood parquet flooring also comes in many colors and shades. To achieve minimalism, you can pick white, light grey or light brown wood parquet flooring, for homely and cozy feeling rich brown color with a yellow or orange shade might be the best choice, for rustic interior, there are several shades of dark brown hardwood parquet floorings available, and to create a dramatic contrast, you can decide for dark brown or black wood parquet flooring. Most of the colors could be easily integrated with your furniture, so even if you renovate your home in a couple of years, there is a high chance that any wood parquet flooring would gently agree with your choice of décor.


Maintenance and cleaning

Wood parquet flooring is modest when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. It requires little work – dusting daily, vacuuming weekly, mopping monthly and every now and then parquet flooring polishing is recommended. Like with most things – caution works the best. If you want to preserve the original look of your hardwood parquet flooring as long as possible, put pads or rugs under your furniture and don’t drag heavy objects over your wood parquet flooring.


The selection of hardwood parquet flooring

parquet oak flooring

There are many parquet flooring types on the market and if you select high quality, you can never go wrong. At Floor Experts, for example, we only offer superb wood parquet floorings from the best parquet flooring manufacturers in the world. Quality is guaranteed, and you can enjoy a wide selection of products. Regarding wood species, you can go for bamboo hardwood parquet flooring, beech, cherry, ash, larch, parquet oak flooring, pine parquet flooring, spruce jatoba, iroko and many others. Colors and shades range from very light, almost white to very dark, almost black. And there’s everything in between, too. If you need help deciding, you can contact our professionals, who will offer you a kind advice.