Wooden parquet flooring install

Wooden parquet flooring – a guide for easier choice

Wooden parquet flooring is among the most appealing choices on the market. There are several parquet flooring companies, but it’s best to choose one with tradition and a lot of satisfied customers (such as Floor Experts, for example) if you want to enjoy its benefits for decades to come. In this article we’ll discuss some wooden parquet flooring types and say something about how to install parquet wood flooring.

Wooden parquet flooring types

So what is parquet wood flooring? When it comes to types you can choose between real hardwood wooden parquet flooring or engineered wood flooring parquet. The first one is made from individual wooden tiles and the latter is made from small streaks of wood, pressed and glued to a plywood. Hardwood wooden parquet flooring offers more choices when it comes to wood species (such as bamboo, beech, ash, larch, spruce, pine, oak, cherry, jatoba, kayu kuku, iroko etc.), while the engineered wood flooring parquet offers fewer choices (red oak, hickory, Brazilian cherry are among the most common). Most engineered parquets come prefinished, while the solid wood can also be bought as unfinished parquet wood flooring (with unfinished parquet wood flooring you can often choose the finish).

Benefits of wooden parquet flooring

There are many benefits of wooden parquet flooring: it’s beautiful, always fashionable and offers many possibilities when it comes to installation patterns, wood species and colours. Wooden parquet flooring is fairly easy to maintain (it requires regular sweeping or hoovering and occasional mopping and polishing) and can be renewed after a couple of years. If you hire a professional or know how to install parquet wood flooring and if you invest some care into it (especially be careful not to drag heavy furniture over it and use carpets and furniture pads wherever possible), it will literary last you a life time! Furthermore, wooden parquet flooring raises the value of your property (and helps it sell faster), in case you’re planning on selling it later in life.

How to install parquet wood flooring properly?

How to install parquet wood flooring is a common question among the new owners of wooden parquet flooring. It’s understandable that we want to save some money, but the cheapest way is to do it properly. If you decide for someone, who knows exactly how to install parquet wood flooring and has done it numerous times, you can rest assured that the end result will not only be stunning, but also long-lasting!

 How to install parquet wood flooring