How to buy parquet flooring

buy parquet flooring

Before you decide to buy parquet flooring, you should address several questions: why do you want it, where do you want it and what do you want?

If you want something cheap and quick, you might decide for some other option, but if you want something truly permanent and eternally beautiful, which will save your money long-term, we definitely recommend you buy parquet flooring. Wooden parquet flooring is also perfect for most rooms, but we would dissuade you from it, if you’re dealing with moisture problems. Parquet wooden flooring is made from natural material – wood ­– which does not react well to too much moisture (however, if you accidentally spill some liquid over it and clean it immediately, it will be ok).

And the last question before buying parquet flooring is: what do you want. Parquet wooden flooring comes in almost numerous colours, shades and wood species, so deciding for only one might be a difficult task.


parquet flooring stylesWhy to buy parquet flooring

Now, let us answer why you should buy parquet flooring: it is one of the most beautiful choices on the market, which offers numerous parquet flooring styles. Each plank s also unique and will contribute to creating a stunning parquet flooring pattern. People who buy parquet flooring never regret it, because it’s always in style and is also very versatile when it comes to decorating. Parquet wooden flooring creates a natural and comfortable leaving environment, breaths and gives your home a luxurious feel. Furthermore, it lasts a lifetime! However, for real durability, you also need to know how to treat parquet flooring and something about cleaning your parquet flooring.


Where to buy parquet flooring

The answer to that is simple ­– buy your parquet flooring from the company you can trust. There are several sellers on the market, but Floor Experts, for example, can reassure you with high-quality, which was verified by countless satisfied customers. Also, choose a seller, who can offer you a lot of different colours and wood species.


Appropriate method of parquet flooring cleaning

Cleaning your parquet flooring is actually very simple and it consists of two parts: dry parquet flooring cleaning and wet parquet flooring cleaning. Dry parquet flooring cleaning includes sweeping and hoovering (regularly) and wet parquet flooring cleaning includes mopping (occasionally). When the shine disappears, you can also polish it, and when you see scratches, you can renew it with sanding and applying new finish (several times) and thus prolong it’s life by another couple of years.