With Floor Experts installing a laminate flooring becomes a true joy

As results are long lasting, of top quality finish and a pleasure to the eye. Imagine decorating, styling and finishing exactly according to dreams or plans. With a decent laminate installation plan being the true basis of every interior, we understand what it takes to build a fine interior in any situation. Being in the laminate flooring installation industry for decades, we stand proud by our reputation of delivering only the best.


laminate installation


For flawless laminate installation, top quality base material is key

Only the finest machines are used to perfectly align every section and detail of our laminate products. This way we can assure our clients of a great experience right from the start, as the look and feel are great on all sides of our laminate planks. Installing laminate flooring can only be as good of a job as the product’s finish is, to start with. Through tough selection processes, the highest standard can be achieved. Where the tolerances are the smallest, the parts fit the best and guarantee the finest laminate installation process and final results.


installing laminate flooring


Perfected laminate installation techniques

For the right finish, and the best laminate flooring results, special installation methods were developed.
The perfect fit is crucial for every piece of laminate. Being extremely resistant to any imaginable impact, each piece of laminate flooring retains its perfect shape even before it has been installed. Adding up to a smooth fit, without the need of any adjustments to the separate components, for the best installing laminate even over concrete. Several techniques were developed, and completed to a success. Using the best techniques ensures that even when our high quality oak laminate flooring is laid over concrete underground, it can be expected to show its full potential both esthetically and in durability.


Do the laminate installation yourself or hire someone?

Even if you need to install laminate over laminate, on concrete, or over wood subfloor, our wooden floor products come in such a quality and finish that DIY flooring becomes an easy task. Preparation can be half the work in any project, and decorating a space starts with walls and floors. With the right base, most of it is done. In the preparation lays the crucial decision of going with exactly the perfect base materials, especially if installation of laminate over laminate, on concrete, or over wooden subfloors is desired. Choose wisely, choose the Floor Experts quality products.