Which to choose: Laminate flooring? Cork?

Laminate flooringWhat do you think about laminate flooring? Cork? Which of those two would you choose? Having problems? Cork, laminate flooring and many other flooring are our expertise and we will surely help you decide on the right flooring. Have you not decided on cork, because it is more damageable than laminate flooring? Cork we know nowadays is not all the same and it is the time we realize that. We all know cork as is a softer material, but we at FLOOR EXPERTS have the cork flooring for you. It is not as soft as you might think when having cork in mind and it is very similar to laminate flooring. Cork is installed the same way as we install laminate flooring. Cork at FLOOR EXPERTS has a similar surface, still a bit softer than laminate, but more resistant than the softer version we are all used to. If you have decided on cork flooring whether natural cork flooring or similar to laminate, cork flooring look is something you will absolutely love. Cork is anti-static, anti-bacterial, warm, easy and quick to install, maintain and more. But if you are undecided and if you still want the benefits of cork then you should think about having laminate flooring with cork backing and cork edging for laminate flooring? Cork backed laminate flooring will surely make your home warm and soundproof. With laminate flooring, cork backing and a modern pattern on top, you can never go wrong. Still, we are always here to help. We at FLOOR EXPERTS will resolve all your decision-making problems. Cork, laminate flooring and many more options await at www.floor-experts.com and advise given by our floor experts.


What will your flooring be? Laminate flooring? Cork?

CorkIs cork flooring considered something daring to you or do you think it is old fashioned compared to laminate flooring? Cork that we sell here at FLOOR EXPERTS is definitely something you want to see if you are hesitating on having a cork flooring. After seeing our cork flooring you will realize the reason why cork has become so popular. A modern version of cork flooring is very similar to laminate floorings. Cork is now available in many modern patterns and with its renewed modern look it is a daring and never tiring choice. With having this kind of cork laminate flooring, problems such as dog and cat scratches are a thing of the past. Why not have the look that you want, but avoid getting your cork flooring scratched and damaged. If you still want laminate flooring in cork. Then choose cork edging for laminate flooring or laminate flooring with cork backing.


Woden flooring, vinyl, cork, laminate flooring - Problems resolved

At FLOOR EXPERTS we have many options of flooring. Having difficulties with deciding on your flooring? Whether to choose parquet or linoleum, vinyl or laminate flooring, cork? Problems with deciding after consulting our floor experts will surely disappear. We realize there is much to choose from but we will help you bring your decision to the end. If cork flooring is something you have in mind but do not dare to choose, as we said before the cork is surely a good choice. With natural cork flooring, there are some problems. Cork laminate flooring is something different and better. Laminate flooring in cork gives you the desired look but not the advantages of the cork. If you really want cork flooring, we have an improved version of cork flooring very similar to laminate that will make the usual problems with cork a thing of the past.