Main plus of cork wood flooring

 With our floors, you can make sure that you are always walking on the best flooring possible. That is why we at Floor Experts decided to add to our range of products also the cork wood flooring. One of the main pluses of cork wood flooring is for sure its ecological side. As the cork is made from the bark of the cork tree, it can be re-collected every few years, so flooring is made without bringing the damage to the wood itself.  That is why cork hardwood flooring from Floor Experts follows ecological standards of today and brings them to another level.


cork wood flooring


Climate, heat and sound insulation benefits of cork wood flooring

Our Floor Experts cork wood flooring has more than couple benefits overall. Cork hardwood flooring is very adaptable to different climatic conditions. Still, cork wood flooring needs proper adaptation before installation. You can always consult us for advice for flooring in your area, depending on your climatic conditions. Wooden cork flooring works also like a great thermal isolator, as it works in a way that it prevents heat or cooling losses. In that way, our flooring will be a great choice both for hot summer days and cold winter hours. Our cork flooring that also looks like wood is softer than hardwood so it works like a good sound isolator.


Maintenance of cork wood flooring and anti-bacterial benefits

Our wooden cork flooring is easy to maintain and it also has anti-bacterial benefits. Cork wood flooring needs only some time spent behind the hoover or mop that is slightly damp and that is mostly it. Even if the flooring looks like wood, it is made from cork and that makes it less sensitive compared to other flooring. Together with the benefit of easy maintenance and cork flooring that looks and feels like hardwood there is also an antibacterial property of cork wood flooring.  Ingredient called suberin makes it moisture, mildew and mould resistant, which makes your floor healthier.


wood flooring cork


Why to choose Floor Experts cork wood flooring?

Our cork wood flooring at the Floor Experts is 100% ecological, made with exclusive characteristics and our hardwood Cork prefinished flooring is 100% ecological, natural material, with unique characteristics, from cork flooring that looks like hardwood to  the shape of the flooring that fits requirements of the most demanding users. Our cork flooring, which is prefinished, is available in forms of boards that are shown in our selection. Our cork flooring is warm to the touch and pollutant free.