Wood parquet flooring in unique quality, to set the tone right from the start.

The finest base of any interior, is an excellent flooring plan that includes your personal mix of materials, tones and patterns. Opting for the highest grade of wooden flooring parquet? Consider one out of many from Floor Experts enormous collection. We have readily available almost any combination, size and shape of grade A real wood parquet flooring. We take great pride in the level of service we offer, making sure clients will be satisfied and spread the word.


wood parquet flooring


Types of wooden parquet flooring

Solid wooden flooring is considered the classic, highest standard of wooden flooring for centuries. The greatest palaces have been fitted with the finest parquet wood flooring tiles as long as they exist, with the same wood parquet flooring still in place. Choosing the right material, type and finish can be challenging, and is something we are honored to assist with. From decades of experience with the best natural materials, manufactures and wood parquet flooring, we are certain of making every project to a stunning success. Many lifetimes our floors need to endure, and so we put forth or best of efforts to show how to install parquet wood flooring for the best results and longevity.


wooden parquet flooring


Wooden parquet flooring materials

Real wood parquet flooring from the best selected woods, at incredible prices. This is what we stand for. Choosing the right material depends on several factors, the personal preference comes first, closely followed by room type, light plan, degree of usage, building type and climate.

Almost every combination is possible, but taking into account every detail makes sure, that the desired outcome is realized in the most efficient way. Making sure that the base material comes in the correct finish, can save a great deal of care in the post installation process. True expert opinion can make the difference of several lifetimes in terms of durability of the wooden flooring parquet.


Wooden parquet flooring installation

How to install parquet wood flooring? When wood parquet flooring is being placed, the work is substantially improved in both efficiency and outcome, when the correct first class base material of parquet wood flooring tiles is chosen to start with. An excellent wooden parquet flooring choice will significantly decreases the labor needed to create the ideal outcome, a perfectly smooth wooden parquet floor. Again, the crucial factor for correct placement lays within the preparation and decision making in term of base material, type and finish. At floor Experts we welcome you kindly, and discover what we can offer.