Cleaning parquet flooring routine

Cleaning parquet flooring is easy and should present no problem to anyone. Wooden parquet flooring is very durable, but that still does not mean, that we can leave it unattended and expect it to last a lifetime. For best results – regarding beauty and durability – it’s best to establish a parquet flooring cleaning routine, which should include the following points:

  • sweep or hover your wood flooring parquet daily or at least every two days (probably depending on how much time we have, how dirty it gets and also on our parquet flooring dimensions),
  • parquet flooring cleaning should also involve weekly mopping, but be very careful with it! There are many intriguing advantages of parquet flooring, but resistance to moisture is not one of them. If exposed to excessive moisture, wood flooring parquet starts to rot, warp and loose its compactness,
  • polishing your parquet flooring should also be a part of your parquet flooring cleaning routine, but does not need to be performed too often – polishing parquet flooring every couple of months should be enough.

The next mentioned method is not, strictly speaking, part of the parquet flooring cleaning routine, but more of a friendly option, available to you. We’re talking about parquet flooring treatment, which involves re-sanding and applying new finish. You can to that each time you notice visible signs of damage, for example patches without surface finish, scratches, bumps etc. With that you’ll extent your wood flooring parquet’s life for decades!


cleaning parquet flooring

Homemade detergent for cleaning parquet flooring

Not just too much moisture, the cleaning agents can also have an aggressive effect on wooden parquet, therefore it’s advisable to buy special products for parquet flooring cleaning. We can, however, also make it ourselves. We only need to mix about a galleon (around 3,5 litres) of warm water with a half a cup of white vinegar. For a nicer scent, we can add a couple of drops of essential oil. If you’re preparing for a thorough parquet flooring cleaning, you can add some plant based soap to your mixture as well.

Advantages of wood flooring parquet

We could write an ode to all the advantages of wood flooring parquet, but we’re afraid we might not find enough beautiful metaphors to describe its glory. Suffice to say that wood flooring parquet offers comfort and durability like no other alternative, comes in several parquet flooring dimensions, thicknesses, colures and wood species, gives you a comfortable and luxurious ground to walk on, transforms any place into a home and is a top choice for a lot of customers. Try it out!


advantages of parquet flooring