Parquet hardwood flooring for durability

Parquet hardwood flooring does not only offer beauty and options for an inventive contemporary parquet flooring patterns, it is pretty much undefeated when it comes to durability, too. Although the technological development has come to a point, where we can create a satisfactory life-span of other artificial floors, wood flooring parquet still exceeds most people’s expectations. If you choose high quality, your parquet hardwood flooring will last for decades!


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How to extend the longevity of parquet hardwood flooring

Even though the parquet hardwood flooring boasts with a very long life-span, we can additionally extend its life if we follow these simple steps:

  • protect your parquet hardwood flooring: use pads on your furniture or put some rugs underneath it to avoid unnecessary scratches,
  • never drag furniture or anything heavy over your parquet hardwood flooring – always lift it or at least put something soft underneath it, like a rug or a carton board,
  • choose parquet flooring patterns which will show less wear and tear,
  • bind yourself to regular cleaning: dust or sweep once a day, vacuum once a week and mop once a month with damp cloth,
  • never use general cleaning agents on your parquet hardwood flooring, because they can damage the surface,
  • avoid moisture – if you accidentally spill something on you parquet, it’s not the end of the world, just make sure to wipe the liquid as soon as possible; also avoid installing parquet hardwood flooring in areas with high moisture,
  • polish parquet wood flooring once every two or three months to seal the cracks and protect the surface,
  • after a couple of years you can re-sand your wood flooring parquet and apply new finish – in such a way you will renew the look of your parquet – and another thing – if choosing high quality, you can do this a number of times!

How about parquet flooring patterns?

Good news! We’re in the era when diversity is fashionable. Which means you can freely choose parquet flooring patterns you like, even if you want to stay trendy and have a modern, contemporary parquet flooring. Here are some of your options: herringbone, double herringbone, basket, bricks, rhombs, and more unusual parquet flooring patterns: American and European Marie Antoinette parquet hardwood flooring, Chevron, Bordeaux parquet flooring design, Fontainebleau etc. If you want something unique, you can also choose mosaic or custom made parquet flooring pattern.