Floor Experts parquet floors, wooden laminates and other top notch flooring products

When a fine parquet or laminate is desired, we at Floor Experts are sure to be of assistance. An elaborate selection process is conducted, before a parquet or laminate flooring product makes it to our assortment. We’ve been selecting the best manufacturers for so many years now, that our capacity and selection is unmatched. Because our laminate parquet manufacturers are contracted for a great number of years nog, we can assure great deals.

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Simply the best parquet flooring laminate, at the sharpest prices

Unseen price quality ratios can only be found at long term, experienced players in the field of parquet laminate flooring. Because we’re well rooted in many countires, the volumes we deal with are exceptional. Therefore we can make prices unbeatably low, even for the high quality parquet laminate flooring tiles. When searching for the best offer in parquet or laminate flooring, then be sure to visit one of our exclusive resellers near you to find out what we can offer. For both parquet and/or laminate, we can offer the best price possible.

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Where parquet flooring laminate has become a true art

At Floor Experts we make sure to deliver the perfect deal when it comes to parquet laminate flooring, as we’ve specialized for decades now in parquet flooring laminate, and contracted only the best players in manufacturing. Parquet laminate flooring is available nowadays, in a great variety of shapes, styles and qualities. Having been a well-known player on this market for decades now, earlier under the Alpod name and now as Floor Experts, we have the best overview of what’s out there. We recognize top-notch parquet flooring laminate when we see it, and we can spot it from a mile away. Also parquet laminate flooring tiles can be fabricated in many different ways, but we choose to offer only the best quality possible. Our bulk volume makes that we can still offer incredible prices.