Parquet style laminate flooring is more popular than regular parquet!

Parquet style laminate flooring has become more popular than regular hardwood parquet in recent years, because of its price, durability and ease of installation. You can achieve the same patterns with laminated parquet, such as the popular herringbone or finger block, but with a simpler installation and almost no upkeep costs, comparing to hardwood floors.

parquet style laminate flooringparquet style laminate flooring

First of all: what is a parquet?

You can’t talk about parquet style laminate flooring without knowing what is a parquet. Parquet is solid hardwood flooring, used in Europe and the United States for centuries. It consists of several smaller boards, assembled in special patterns. The look is popular to this day, but since parquet (as all hardwood flooring) is hard to upkeep and quite expensive, new alternatives are beginning to take its place, such as parquet style laminate flooring. Parquet style laminate flooring is also often referred to as laminated parquet and is a type of engineered flooring, which means it is similar to parquet in appearance, but not in structure.

Knowing the parquet-laminate difference is important!

So what is the parquet and laminate difference? Regular parquet is made from solid wood, whereas parquet style laminate flooring is made from at least three plywood-like layers. This is what gives the parquet style laminate its amazing durability without sanding or varnishing and is one of the parquet-laminate differences. Another parquet-laminate difference is also that the second is cheaper and easier to install. Parquet style laminate flooring can be used almost anywhere in the house (in some cases even in bathrooms) and can be used immediately after a fast and clean installation (which some homeowners decide to do themselves – it’s that easy!). The parquet laminate comes in a variety of colors and patterns, such as white, black or red oak parquet effect laminate flooring, beech and even bamboo parquet effect laminate flooring. The choice is endless, but most people decide to go with the classic oak parquet effect laminate flooring.

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