Parquet flooring pattern prices

Parquet wood flooring – why you should choose it?

Parquet wood flooring has been around for centuries and has never lost its charm. In the past years the parquetry has really taken flight and its products occupy first place in many respects, therefore parquet wood flooring represents a top choice among customers. Allow us to validate our claim with the following facts. 


Parquet wood flooring will last you a lifetime

Parquet wood flooring is characterized by an extremely long life. If you choose quality, such as Floor Experts’ for example, it will comfortably last you for decades. With proper care and a possibility of parquet flooring treatment (re-sanding and applying new finish) it can even be passed down to the next generation. With that in mind parquet flooring prices are even more reasonable.

Parquet wood flooring patternsComfort, beauty, luxury

The visual aspect of our homes is not negligible, because we’re talking about the place, where we spent most of our free-time, relax and spend precious moments alone or with our family and friends. Therefore we’re not only focused on low parquet flooring prices, but also on appearance. You can go for traditional parquet flooring patterns (like herringbone, basket wave, brick, chevron) or more extravagant or even unique parquet flooring patterns. Just make sure that the installation of parquet flooring is carried out properly and professionally, if you want the end result to be satisfying. Besides unparalleled beauty, parquet wood flooring also ensures comfort of a natural material (which you’ll appreciate especially if you like to walk barefoot), energy savings and simple maintenance.

What do parquet flooring prices include?

Parquet flooring prices might seem a bit high at first, but we must understand, that parquet wood flooring isn’t a cheap substitute for the real deal – it IS the real deal. Included in the parquet flooring price are not just impersonal blocks, which we then bind together to form a pattern, we’re talking about pieces of a puzzle, which, when combined properly, form a wonderful parquet wood flooring. Each parquet wood flooring is unique and different, each brings a part from the nature with it. It’s soft and hard at the same time, warm and cool, comfortable and luxuries. And what makes parquet flooring prices even lower is the fact, that you’ll never feel the need to buy parquet flooring again. With proper care, it will look enchanting for years and when it loses its shine, you can refurbish it and breath it a new life.