Pvc flooring for homes, offices, decks and more!

Pvc flooring has definitely made a comeback since the 80’s, when it was often used in homes and public infrastructure. However, pvc linoleum flooring today offers much more than ever before. Its affordability and unimaginable range of styles and patterns is making it the go-to flooring for everyone – from those on a tight budget, to those who like to experiment with different styles every few years.


Vinyl vs. pvc flooring – what’s the difference?

When word comes to vinyl and pvc flooring, you must ask yourself – what’s the difference? PVC actually means Poly Vinyl Chloride and that’s why both of those names mean exactly the same thing. However, nowadays you might have more luck finding pvc flooring labeled as vinyl.


pvc flooringpvc linoleum flooring



How many types of pvc linoleum flooring are there?

Oh-so-many! You can find pvc flooring in almost any pattern in the world nowadays. From imitations of wood, tile and natural stone, to some out of this world patterns. The pvc linoleum flooring comes in two variations – as pvc floor tiles and as pvc carpet flooring. Pvc floor tiles are glued separately and can look very similar to real tiles (wood or ceramic) in texture, whereas pvc carpet flooring is installed in one or more large pieces and are easier and quicker to install and replace.


Price, installation and caring for pvc linoleum flooring

Pvc linoleum flooring is the most budget friendly type of flooring, even compared to parquet style laminate flooring and other types of engineered floors. However its lifespan is a bit shorter. A good quality linoleum or vinyl flooring will withstand high foot traffic, wear and wetness for about 5 to 15 years. But it will certainly serve you well during that time. There is definitely a wide area of use for linoleum flooring – kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, offices, stores and schools are just some of the places these floors work well in.


Other types of pvc flooring

Vinyl is a popular material for other types of flooring too, such as pvc composite decking. In recent years, composite pvc decking has become a popular material for wood. It is definitely a more durable, weather (and termite!) resistant material and it beats wood in the pricing area too, which is why more and more homeowners are building their outside spaces with pvc composite decking. To find out more on composite pvc decking, visit www.floor-experts.com