Wood flooring parquet for luxury

Wood flooring parquet evokes luxury – real and metaphorical one. Oiled, lacquered or unfinished parquet wood flooring offers comfort, which can’t really be compared to anything. Wood is a natural material and choosing it means bringing nature in your home. Wood flooring parquet creates warmth and feels amazing underneath your feet. It also regulates temperature, so parquet feels warm in winter and cool in summer. Throughout the ages wood flooring parquet has been a sign of luxury and even today, homes with finished or unfinished parquet wood flooring sell much better, much faster and at a higher price than homes with other types of flooring!


wood flooring parquet

Outstanding benefits of wood flooring parquet

Wood flooring parquet has many unparalleled advantages:

  • it is made of a natural material, which improves the quality of living in your home,
  • wood flooring parquet is made of renewable material and in consideration of environment,
  • finished or unfinished parquet wood flooring is eye-catching and will never lose its appeal,
  • there are several choices and parquet flooring types: you can choose glue-down or floating parquet wood flooring, parquet, which is appropriate for underfloor heating system, different dimensions and colors;
  • wood flooring parquet also offers an amazing versatility when it comes to wood species: choose bamboo, cherry, beech, ash, larch, maple, spruce, pine, oak, jatoba, iroko, wenge, kaku kayu etc.,
  • caring for parquet wood flooring is very simple: we recommend daily sweeping or dusting, weekly vacuuming, monthly mopping and occasional parquet flooring polishing,
  • when we see the signs of wear and tear, we can decide for sanding our parquet wood flooring. The process of sanding wood parquet flooring is simple and quick – and what’s more, your floor will look like new again,
  • real hardwood parquet can be sanded numerous time,
  • wood flooring parquet is among the most durable options on the market: with proper care and refurbishing it will last for generations!


sanding parquet wood flooring

Unfinished parquet wood flooring for homes with character

Unfinished parquet wood flooring can accentuate the character of your home. It’s perfect for modern homes, where we want to achieve a “raw” or distressed look. Unfinished parquet wood flooring is also perfect for rustic style. At Floor Experts’ we can offer you numerous stunning choices of wood flooring parquets and they all have some things in common: they are of an exceptional quality, durability and incomparable beauty!