When laying vinyl flooring, there’s several things to consider

For most situations of indoor flooring, laying vinyl can be a great choice as it is versatile, timesaving and comes at great starting prices. Many styles, types and patterns can be made nowadays with the latest processing methods. Choosing vinyl is not only cost-effective, it also saves on time needed to install and is a renewable form of flooring. Vinyl is easily recyclable, and laying vinyl flooring is therefore to some favorable over using other natural resources like wood or stone. It can be laid over tiles and most other under floors too.


laying vinyl flooring


How to lay vinyl flooring in a bathroom where tiles are still in place?

Vinyl can practically laid on nearly any existing floor, making it a great choice when a cost effective solution is desired. The existing floor needs to be flat, in order for it to show the full potential in beauty and longevity. When laying vinyl flooring on tiles usually a form of treatment is needed, for instance with a self-leveling compound, prior to laying the vinyl flooring. Cork underlay for a vinyl flooring is not recommended for bathroom usage, as cork is less water resistant then other compounds used to level under floors with. If the tile floor is not completely flat, the pattern of the tiles might appear through the vinyl, a while after installation.


How to lay vinyl flooring, with the right under floor in a bathroom?

Vinyl is excellent to lay in the bathroom, as it’s water resistant and stain resistant. Also easy to clean and maintain, so a great timesaver compared to most other options for the bathroom. The smoothest under layer is desired when laying vinyl flooring over tiles. We recommend to use self-leveling compound in the bathroom, to be able to achieve perfect results even when vinyl flooring tiles are laid over an existing finished floor. Other situations do allow cork underlay for vinyl flooring, where moisture is less prone to reach the floor, like in a living room.


how to lay vinyl flooring in bathroom


How to lay vinyl flooring in bathroom, where a sink is in the floor?

To work with vinyl around the sink in a bathroom floor, we recommend to use an appropriate adhesive or self-leveling compound. Use a level or laser to determine if the underfloor is correctly placed, prior to laying the vinyl flooring. Using appropriate tools and techniques will bring the best results, and will improve the lifetime of any flooring product considerably. Vinyl can be fun to work with, and the results are certainly worth it.