color of wooden parquet flooring

Wooden parquet flooring options

Wooden parquet flooring offers an unparalleled variety when it comes to styling, furthermore it has advantages, which surpass most other flooring options. When it comes to decorating and design, wooden parquet flooring will effortlessly blend in with any interior, but it can also create an eye-catching spot in your home, which will quickly become a centre of attention, especially if you decide for a coloured parquet flooring or an interesting parquet flooring pattern. When it comes to parquet flooring colors, you can go for a traditional natural wood colour (which also offers different shades – from yellow to red, dark chocolate, orange or green tinge) or choose almost white, black or grey parquet flooring.

The collection of wood species can also be surprisingly extensive. At Floor Experts, for example, you can choose among ash, beech, maple or parquet oak flooring, as well as pine, spruce, cherry walnut, jatoba iroko, kayu kuku, wenge and many other wooden parquet floorings.

The surface of wooden parquet flooring can be oiled or lacquered and the texture varies according to the wood species. You can also choose between hardwood parquets (such as parquet oak flooring) or softwood parquets (such as pine parquet flooring) which does not fall behind when it comes to quality and reliability.


trating for parquet oak flooring


Some wooden parquet floorings are appropriate for underfloor heating system and some are better paired with other options.

Among the most noticeable and desired wooden parquet flooring advantages is definitely it’s durability. With proper care, which includes regular cleaning and avoiding moisture and scratches, your wooden parquet flooring will last you a lifetime. This fact is not only attributed to the product’s quality, but also to the possibility of treating parquet flooring. The stated means, that you can refurbish your wooden parquet flooring several times during its lifetime and thus prolong its longevity by a number of years.

Parquet oak flooring for reliability and extreme durability

Parquet oak flooring is among the most common wooden parquet floorings for several reasons:

  • oak parquet flooring is made from oak, which is a very hard and reliable wood, therefore it’s really made to last,
  • oak parquet flooring has an interesting texture, which will become even more prominent with years,
  • the colour of oak parquet flooring ranges from light to red and very dark and even deepens with the passing time.

Wooden parquet flooring at its best

At Floor Experts we’re never satisfied with mediocrity. Our mission and goal are to become the best parquet flooring supplier in the world with products, which will make one’s life easier, more comfortable and luxurious. Our collection of wooden parquet floorings is truly amazing and we’d like to invite you to our webpage, where you can browse through our high-quality parquets. We’re sure that choosing just one favourite might be a challenge.